Parker Chelles (b. 1997) was a student at EDA, until he was arrested for shooting up his school. Bullying amongst his classmates occured often after admitting his homosexuality and his attraction to Jj Castillo. All of Parker's bullying, including its end results, changed the mear thought of EDA for its students forever. 

Character HistoryEdit

Season 3Edit

In his debut, Jj and his dad come to his dad's shooting range, and as it turned out, his dad Xavier, and his father Elian knew each other. Parker attempted to get cool with Jj, but Jj didn't seem intrested in talking to him. Later, Parker tried to show Jj how to aim the gun, but as his hand went around Jj's stomach, Jj yelled "What the hell are you doing?" and their dads ran over to them. Jj told Xavier that he was trying to touch his body, then called him a fag. Parker glared at Jj with a death stare, and Parker's dad made him leave.

The next day at school, Parker ran up and decked Jj in the jaw. Jj's crew appeared out of nowhere and began running him into the ground

Season 4Edit

He went to Harrison's brother's birthday party when everyone began smoking weed, and or dosing on MDMA. Him and a boy named Erik were the only ones drinking. Parker offered Erik an Amber Cole, and they went into Harrison's room. The next day, he told Ej that he lost his virginity to Erik last night.


  • Parker is the only open homosexual to ever attend EDA.
  • He lost his virginity to Erik in Escape The Fate (1). 
  • Parker was the only person to ever apply to be a member of DOJA and denied.
  • Like Yania, Parker was beaten up because of his sexuality.

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