Jj in Season 3.

Jenajio Castillo (commonly referred to Jj) is a graduate of Evascene Darkground Academy (EDA). He is a former legend of the EDA Bulls, but wasn't permitted to play any longer after the 2011-2012 championships, when the game broke into a fistfight because of him and Gary, who is his bestfriend. He used to be quite a bully, until the school shooting during his 1st 12th grade year, which really seemed to wake him up. He used to have an intense conflict with Harrison Black, until Harrison saved his life. He is known to be a fun person to be around, and he has amazing out of the box ideas, such as the liqour pool in his 11th grade year, and many others. After facing many obstacles in life, such as his battle with Bipolar Disorder, night terror, and many others, he has matured and straightened out his life, which led to his intrest in a career in dance.

Character History

Season 1

In Frontline (1), the series begun as Jj and Ej ran out of their house, late for the bus to school. They ran remarkably fast, and Jj couldn't slow down in time, and knocked Harrison's coffee out of his hand. Furious, Harrison started an arguement with him on the bus. They argued the whole way to school, and many people on the bus requested that they both get off. Finally, Ej told them they were at the stop when they really weren't but they were too busy to notice. They got off, and the bus took off without them. 

Later in school, Jj confonts Ej about tricking him. Ej exclaimed that everyone was complaining about their arguement, and he was getting embarassed. Jj asked why he cares so much about what people think about him. Ej refused to answer, then asked if he has seen Jenny anywhere. Neither of them mentioned who Jenny was at this moment though. Ej walked away to class, and Jj seemed upset. Jj walked into class, and saw Jenny. She asked him to sit next to him, and he accepted, since they were in the back. 

After school, Jenny and Jj were holding hands, and walking. When all of a sudden, Harrison confronts him once again. Jj rudely tells him to get out of his way, and Harrison pushes him. They begin fighting, and Jenny tries to stop them. A few guys, Gary, Sean, and Erwin came out of nowhere and ripped Harrison off of Ej. They asked what caused the fight, and Jj said that Harrison started it. Harrison pushed Sean out of the way, and they began fighting also. All of the guys jumped in and started punching him when he was on the floor. Ej walked out and yelled "Get off." to all of them, and they all got up. Ej asked if he could talk to Harrison, and they both walked away.

In Frontline (2), he finds out that Harrison and Ej became friends. He was furious with this, and told Harrison to stay away from his brother. Harrison said that it sounded gay, and Jj punched him in the face and yelled "What do you have against gay people?!" Harrison punched Jj in the throat, and Jj fell onto the floor. Harrison fled. Jj found Harrison at the library later on and brought him outside. Jj's new friends, Gary, Sean, and Erwin, were waiting for him. They threw him on the floor, and beat the hell out of him, and they ran off. Ej walked up and asked what happened. Harrison told Ej to stay away from him. Which Jj heard, and liked.

Jj saw Harrison "trying" to flirt with Jenny, and he yelled "That's it!" and he picked up a rock, and threw it. It hit Jenny in the hip by accident because Harrison moved her in the direction of the rock. Jj got even more furious, and Harrison ran. Apparently, Harrison called 911 while he was hiding, and Jj found him. He kicked Harrison in the knee, which made him collapse, and Jj began kicking him in the face. This was caught on video of someone inside the supermarket behind them. The police showed up, and they cuffed Jj. The person ran up and showed them to video, and Jj was arrested. Jj called home and told his mom, Allyson, that he ha just been arrested for beating up a guy because he started a fight and is trying to interfere with Ej. Allyson came and picked him up, and because his mom's friend was a police officer, he let it slide. Allyson brought him home, and thrusted him down the stairs, and he hit his head. 

Season 2

Season 3

In Bipolar Breakdown, him and his friends went to a fair on his block to cheer him up, but after they witnessed someone's death at the scene, Jj was horrified. He began having nightmares, and was diagnosed with Night Terror. 

Season 4

In Escape The Fate (3), he went to buy a ring for Jenny, but after he didn't have enough money, Jay lit a cigarette, and threw it onto the floor, which started a fire. In all the confusion, Jj stole a ring and ran out. They drove away and returned to school to find everyone running out terrifyingly. Jj and Jay walked into the school on the second floor to see Ej, Gary, and Yania being held at gunpoint against the wall by Parker. Jj walked in and tackled Parker by suprise, and he dropped the gun. Harrison picked up the gun and shot Parker in the head with it. Jj began panicing, and he ran out, while holding back tears. 

In Not Quite Gone (1), he was notified that he wasn't going to be able to graduate with his class because he didn't obtain enough credits. He was terrified the rest of the day because Allyson had already spent alot of money on his graduation presents, cap and gown, etc. He went to a drug store in Broadway, and stole a beer bottle. He wasn't caught. He chugged it, and begun walking home. Halfway to his house, he passed out in the middle of the sidewalk. Jeremiah walked by him and spotted him, then called Ej.

In Not Quite Gone (2), Ej found Jj on the sidewalk on his way home, and called his mom to come pick them up. Jj woke up and his parents were sitting next to him. They informed him that they got a call saying he isn't graduating. Jj was scared. Xavier said until Jj takes his school work seriously, he can't live in their house. 

Season 5

Finally, In The Final Countdown, he graduates. He suprisingly wasn't seen frequently in this episode.


  • "If you don't treat her good, someone else could." (best quote)


  • He witnessed the death of Parker Chelles.
  • Like Harrison with Cyclothymia, Jj suffers from a mental disorder (bipolar disorder I).
  • He is an athiest.
  • He was the first character to be tased. Just before Ryan.
  • He was the second "Jj" in the Darkground franchise, but the first main character with the nickname.
  • Him and Jennifer are the longest lasting couple in Darkground history.
  • He set up an above ground pool full of liquor.
  • Despite his previous clumsiness, he has a talent for dancing. 
  • He attempted suicide a few times in his timeline.
    • He tried to drown himself in Death Measures (2).
    • He jumped off a high ledge in Not Quite Gone (2), but was caught on a tree.
  • Jj was the only character to ever have night terror.

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