Elijah Castillo (mostly referred to as Ej) is a graduate of EDA, as of 2012. He used to play for the EDA Bulls. He had an extremely bitter rivalry with Ryan Kenya, which hit the climax when he fought Ryan at Sieton, and was arrested that night. However, he was released due to Ryan's possession of a knife. He was cheated on several times by multiple girls in school, which led to his extasy addiction. He plans on attending university for professional dancing. 

Character HistoryEdit

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Season 4Edit

In Forever Young (5), he was at Flipperz Cinema waiting for Jj to show up so they could flee, when suddenly, Ryan came into the theatre and held a gun in the air. He screamed for everyone to get on the floor, which everyone but Jj and Ej did. Ryan aimed the gun at Ej, and closed his eyes, when his hand turned somewhat. He put his finger on the trigger, and Harrison pushed Jj out of the way by jumping on him, and Ryan pulled the trigger. Ej gasped, and Ryan fell to the floor, which turned out as him being taised by a police officer behind him. As it turned out, the bullet hit and killed Jacob Vega. The police interviewed everyone and got information on Ryan and Jacob. 


  • He had an extasy addiction near the end of his junior year.
  • He is the only student to ever excel as a professional dancer.

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