Carlos Cabrera is a 12th grader at Evascene Darkground Academy (EDA). After many years of being bullied, he managed to turn himself around for the better, which unexpectedly went better then planned. Since 11th grade, he has been known for his outside the box style, and his hit rap song: Bronx Boys. He is best friends with Angel Herrasco, and Sebe Rosario, who are in his hit Facebook Famous group: RLG'$. 

Character HistoryEdit

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  • His label is "LAxForbes".
  • Carlos commited a crime (stealing) that he was never caught by authorities, much like Jj Castillo (starting a fire in Kay Jewelers).
  • He is a model at InterFACE, and H&M.
  • He idolizes many rappers signed Young Money.

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