Bipolar Breakdown is the 3rd episode of the 3rd Season of Darkground. 

Main PlotEdit

After the devastation of what happened the night before, Jj's friends ask Jj to come to a fair with him tonight so he can cheer up. He accepted, but his mom didn't think it was a good idea. 


Nina meets a guy named Nick at the fair, and he begins flirting with her, much to her dismay, until she sees his hidden brolicness. She then begins to flirt back, and they leave the fair earlier, with Nina forgetting that she was there with her family. Her family was searching for her, and her mom called the security to report a missing girl. 

At around midnight, she heads back to the fair, and her mom sees her while she drives by. Her mom gets out of the car and smacks Nina in the face extremely hard. Nick fleds, and Nina becomes extremely mad at him.


  • Hardly any scenes are in EDA.
  • This marks the debut of Nick Degrande.

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