Aider Acosta was a student at EDA, until he moved out of the Bronx after his dad ran him over with his car. He suffered from Bipolar Disorder, and was abused by his father. He tried many times to tell people, but they didn't believe him until he was ran over. He was confined to a wheelchair before he left. Him and his bestfriend, Kalen Austin, nearly got expelled in his 11th grade year, after they were caught with illegal substances in their bags. 

Character HistoryEdit

Season 2Edit

He made his debut in his 9th grade year, while he was a freshman. Many girls came up to him, due to his buff appearance, and his lack of acne. A few people noticed bruises on him, which became a gossip topic. As soon as he heard about it, he left school during 5th period, and went to a skatepark. He did a few impressive tricks, and a cute girl video taped it. She came up to him and told him that he has been caught on camera, and he jokingly said "Don't send it to Tumblr." She asked "How'd you know I have a Tumblr?" He said "You look like a Tumblr Girl. The cool clothes. The pretty hair. The nice face." She began blushing. She asked what his phone number was, and he told her, then she told hers. She said she would call him later on. 

After the girl walked away, a boy named Kalen West came up and said "You're wasting your time talking to her." Aider replied with "Is that why I got her number?" and he said "You did not." Aider said "Yep. She came up to me, I tried not to question it." He then walked away and continued skating. Kalen tried to show that his tricks were better, but on his first try, he fell on his back. Aider stopped and helped him up. Aider then said "Leave the gloating to me." Kalen turned around to see his skateboards trucks damaged. Aider told him he could fix it, which he did, and shocked Kalen. Aider then said he has to be heading back to school, and Kalen asked what school he goes to. He said "EDA." Kalen said "So do I, I'm a 10th grader." Aider said "I'll see you there then." Kalen told him to wait, and he asked why he has bruises everywhere. Aider skated away without saying a word. 


  • Him and Kalen have been planted with dangerous things in their bag by someone trying to get them expelled, much like Frankie Kelly, who was caught with a knife after threatening Jj. 
  • He suffers from Bipolar Disorder, along with Jj Castillo.
  • He had to quit skateboarding after his dad ran him over. 
  • Aider was the only skater in school that had enough practice to go professional. 
  • Aider and Ej are the only characters to ever use steroids. 

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